With social media becoming more popular. We’ve all experienced live video across every platform – Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter and Snapchat. It is our responsibility to spread the word by streaming live. We can broadcast a live sermon and allow people around the country and worldwide to benefit from it. People who cannot make it to the service can watch it on their mobile devices instead. Since live video is one of the leading forms of content on social media, broadcasting live services is the next step to making church services more accessible. However, some churches have yet to explore this opportunity.

Technology is less intimidating than ever.

If you have ever wanted to stream a sermon, but were nervous about the technology, here is the good news. Technology is less intimidating than ever. You simply need a smartphone, a computer, and an Internet connection.

In the last five years, the cost of video-streaming technology has dropped dramatically. It is now possible to run a live-streaming service on a shoestring budget and that is a good thing for churches.

There are many free tools that make it easy to stream your sermons live from anywhere in the world. These tools will even allow you to create a high-quality video of your sermon so that even if people miss it live, they can still access it later.

More people need your message of hope.

The church has a powerful message of hope to offer the world. The Bible says that God has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). It is time for the church to leverage the social media potential to spread this message.

The church can use live streaming as a tool to communicate with people who are not yet connected to Christ. This is an opportunity for people who do not know about Christ, but who have access to a computer and internet connection, to be able to watch and listen to sermons online.

Live streaming allows you to reach more people than ever before with your message of hope. It also enables you to reach those who have never connected with your church or visited your physical location.

When you live stream, you can reach people all over the world at once! You do not have to be physically present at your location in order for people around the world to see what you’re doing. You can share any event or service that happens at your location or even invite others into your space so that they can see what is going on through their own eyes!

And in today’s digital world, pastors have a whole new set of challenges. How do you reach people who may not even be in your physical audience? The answer is simple: You reach them online.

Engagement will grow when you make your content more accessible.

Live streaming enables you to reach new audiences directly, but it also gives your existing congregation a chance to engage with the sermon at their own pace. Whether they are listening in their car or at home on their phone, live streaming is a straightforward way for your congregation to access and engage with your sermon.

The best way to engage people is by making your content accessible. Making it easy for them to stay connected with you in their daily lives. Live streaming is one of the best ways to do this. With live streaming, you can connect with your members throughout the week in a number of diverse ways.

Live Streaming for Small Groups allows small groups to connect instantly with other groups around the world through screen sharing and video chatting.

Live Streaming for Children’s Program is the church has a children’s program, live streaming gives parents the opportunity to stay connected with their kids during Sunday School or Wednesday Night Youth Group.

Live Streaming for Community Service Events, when your church hosts a community service event like a food drive or outreach event, live streaming allows people from all over the country and the world to witness those efforts first-hand while giving them an opportunity to participate as well.

The church can reach the unreached.

You can reach more people with live streaming than you ever could with a traditional sermon. Live streaming caters to the needs of your congregation and their busy schedules. It’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to attend church from home.

The church can reach the unreached people via live streaming, those who need you the most such as the disabled and bad bound and the hospitalised, or even those who are working long hours.

You can reach people who have never heard the name of Jesus. You can communicate with people who are separated by time and distance. You can bring healing to those who need it most.

You can also reach those who may be unable to physically attend services such as those working on a night shift or overseas, and military personnel serving overseas.

You can also use live streaming to promote other events that you have planned such as conferences, seminars etc.


The biggest benefits to streaming sermons include an immediate solution for long-distance members, a dramatic decrease in travel expenses, and a possibility for members of your congregation to serve from anywhere with an Internet connection. Although there are downfalls to live to stream, we believe that it is a beneficial investment for the church.

As a church leader, you want to connect with your audience on every level. Streaming live services is a wonderful way to boost engagement and connect with a new generation of members. The process is easier than you think and worth it in many ways.

Do not wait to start live streaming sermons, because now is the time. There will be a growing number of other churches streaming their sermons online, especially if you are a newer congregation. If you are not doing it yet, you will soon be playing catch up.